10 Thought Provoking questions Or things that make you go hmmm…

Last week I did something that was out the ordinary for me.  I shared with my sister what I was about  to do and she asked me why and my reply was because my guides asked me to and “Yes” I did what was requested of me.  I am not going to go into a long story here, but yes I have guides that I have had for years. I think of them as my link to God.  When God is to busy to answer directly he instructs my guides to give me answers, provide advice, comfort and sometimes they tell me to do something.  My sister who is just as spiritual as I am was not sure she would do what I was asked to do.  All of this lead me to ask the question, “If God asked you to do something, would you do it?

Yes, the subject of guides will be a Friday post sometime soon.  How to get them? How to know if they are acting in your best interest, etc.


  1. Would you give up a secure, but perhaps unhappy life for the promise of a happier, more full-filling life?
  2. Have you forgiven yourself for making a mistake, recently?
  3. Have you asked for what you really want, recently?
  4. Do you know what you want?
  5. When is the last time you have experienced joy?
  6. Do you love yourself?
  7. When is the last time you spent quiet time with you? No phone, no music, no television, no other people, etc.
  8. When is the last time you complimented a loved one?
  9. If tomorrow is not promised to us, are you living your life to the fullest today, doing what will make you happy today?
  10. When was the last time you were of service to someone?

Hope this makes you think or at least it makes you go hmmm?  Enjoy



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