• Adjective    Worth having or seeking, as by being advantageous, or pleasing.
  • Pronoun    The first two letters of my first name “Do” for Donna and the last two letters of my maiden name “on”.

Hello and welcome to Doon Art. I am Donna Parker the Artist , Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer & Blogger for Doon Art.

I began Doon Art in July of 2010 as a place to promote my art, other amazing artists & my favorite locations.   Further, I believe that having a fulfilling life does not have to be that hard.  

2014 finds me with an overwhelming urge to connect with & share some of my personal spiritual experiences and techniques with my readers. So I will be expanding my focus to also include all of my things that inspire & motivate me to live my life to the fullest.

I am fascinated by: modern, retro, asian, african prints, graphics, religion, spirituality –these will be some of the ideas that will be reflected in my future art works.

When I am not creating or blogging I love to spending time with family and friends, exploring my surroundings, walking, dancing, traveling and giving back to my community.

Thank you and enjoy,
Donna J Parker

Art, Attitude & Spirituality

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