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5 Affirmations for JOY

Affirmations gain their power from repetition. The more often you say them, the more they will impact your reality. Affirmations are not a one-time-event…say them once and life is perfect. Affirmations are an everyday choice, a choice we make with our thoughts and feelings. The more often you use them, the quicker you will begin to see new opportunities, engage in new healthy behaviors, and feel energized by the direction your life will be taking.

Joy is now flowing into my life.

Joy is in my heart and in my life.

Joy is abundant all around me.

Joy is mine right here right now

I am grateful for all the wonderful things I already have in my life and those that are yet to come


5 Affirmations to see you through

We are often our own worst enemy. How? With our self talk. Are you always saying positive, encouraging, future focused words to your self?  I wish I could say I do, but I don’t. So affirmations have become key to me living my best life.   Today I am sharing …

My top 5 affirmations that  get me through everyday.


1.  When one thing ends another begins

2. I am not my past

3.  If I can see it I can achieve it

4.  The time is now

5. Let go and let God


Self-confidence is key to attracting the life you want

If prosperity could be described in one term it would be “self-confidence”.  Self-confidence meaning having the utmost faith in your abilities and talents and the faith that God/the universe will help you enhance or improve them.  People who have a high degree of self-confidence appear to radiate poise, assurance and seem to know they have something within them that is special.  It has been said that it is the person who thinks they can succeed that does. Doing all that you can to emote self-confidence and to have a confident look, the more you give yourself and others the impression of success.

Self-confidence is contagious.  It lures and induces others.  People with low esteem do not attract others because their minds are filled with negative thoughts that actually repel people.

A self-confident person has a high degree of positive self-talk and self belief that works for them by bringing prosperity into their lives comes in abundance.

4 Ways to Increase Self-Confidence

 1.  Thoughts before you sleep

An easy and powerful way to increase your confidence is to  fill your mind with positive self talk before you go to sleep.  If your mind is filled with positive thoughts your sub-conscious will obediently go to work to produce a prosperous  tomorrow for you.  Gain control of each day the night before.  See yourself attaining the desired results for your next day’s upcoming events.

2.  Use affirmations

Affirmations repeated throughout the day or specific affirmations at set times of day will increase your positive self thoughts and thereby increase your confidence.  Write affirmations on cards that you carry with you that can be referred to at times of need.  When you are in the midst of a tough situation is not the time to try and think of something to use.  Also, during quiet moments repeat a few of your favorite affirmations to your self over and over for a number of times.

3.  Associate with self-confident people

Align yourself with positive, self-confident people as another method to increase your confidence.  You will subconsciously absorb their assurance, which will begin to work its magic in you.  Your positive associations will inspire you to higher levels of thought and expectations.

4.  Visualize you increased self-confidence

Another method to increase your confidence is to take a few minutes in the morning as soon as you wake up to visualize positive, desired outcomes for the upcoming events of your day.  Imagine yourself being successful in the situations that you will be experiencing that day.  Add as much detail as you can to these images as you can.  Remember that success is created mentally first and by increasing your number of successes having a positive self attitude will become a habit.

You will be tested

Be prepared to be tested.  Sometimes situations will even temporarily get worse before they get better.  You will have to prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes to handle difficult situations and the ability to follow through.  During such periods rely heavily on your affirmations & prayer.


Principal of Persistence or How not to give up

Nothing can take the place of persistence.  Not talent, how often have we witnessed an unsuccessful man with talent. Not education, you can always find an educated failure. Persistence and determination are preeminent.

It appears that many people have a “can’t do” attitude.  You will need to develop and maintain a “can-do” attitude if you want to guarantee success.  If you have the opportunity to observe successful people you will discover that they have cultivated the habits of dedication and endurance when confronted with apparent failure.  No matter how many times they experience set backs or are told they can not accomplish something they persist toward their goals and they inevitably achieve them.

Most people surrender to easily to perceived failure when often just a little more endurance is all that is required to turn apparent failure to success.  The word “persist” means “to refuse to give up.”  When you are discouraged and unable to see any good, repeat this affirmation “I refuse to give up.  I will remain committed and continue tirelessly until my good appears.”

Failure can be a introduction to success

Failure is often success trying to be come forth in a more substantial way and persistence is the route to that greater result.  I recently went through a period of working over 80 hours a week for a couple of weeks in a row.  At the end of this time period I had earned a minimal amount of money. I was exhausted and wondered if all of my efforts where worth continuing.  I was disheartened and felt like a failure.  Later as I began to evolve and increase my use of the principal of persistence I realized that I was not thinking large enough.  I needed to develop new ideas that would bring about a greater return.  I began to establish and maintain the attitude “I refuse to give up.  I will continue diligently and patiently until the good appears in this experience.”  I would repeat this to myself, out-loud, until I began to believe it and achieve it.

Do not take NO for an answer

After you have conceived of any idea, done your research and know that it is sound,  you should persist in your conviction.  The timid seldom attain great fulfillment.  Persist in your inner preparations.  Your internal thoughts control your outer situations.  When you have developed the right attitude your outer world of results must conform to it, as indicated by the principal of mind-action.  If No is an option that you are presented with then you can declare, “It is my destiny to succeed and the universe’s (or God’s) business to help me.  I claim this divine help now.”

5 Steps to Being Persistent

  1. Science has discovered that everything can be reduced to a few elements.  In like manner, you can expand or rebuild your situation from a single right attitude, to which you persistently hold on to. By refusing to give to failure, failure will finally worn out by your commitment and gives up to success.
  2. Do not use gentle methods for hard conditions.  You will only make a little progress when you try to solve difficult problems in a half-hearted manner.  Meet hard problems by diligently and persistently refusing to give up.  For example, if you have ever had the breath knocked out of you, you found that the process of normal breathing was not sufficient. Persevere until you get a second wind mentally, emotionally and physically.  Often you will realize reserves of strength you did not realize you had.
  3. Revise your success plans.  When despair says, “It can’t be done, you will never make it,” this is the time to review, revise and re-write your plans.  Imagine and re-imagine your expected results.  Use your affirmations. Think larger.  Look for inspiration in the Bible or whatever source gives you positive guidance.
  4. Remind yourself of the times that you have succeeded in the past.  Remind yourself of other people who have succeeded under adverse conditions, such as being blind, deaf, paralyzed and so on.  Tell yourself that you can not be defeated if you refuse to give up.
  5. Do not look back — keep looking forward.  A negative experience indicates a loss battle not that you have lost the war.  If you have a set back meet it as best you can and keep going.  Keep your vision on your goal and begin again to move towards it.  Divide your task(s) into smaller components, accomplishing little things can give you a successful feeling.

Finally, be prepared if success comes suddenly.  Often after a long haul success has a way of coming in a hurry.  Be ready for fast, exciting, success-filled results.   Be alert and ready to accept it.  Have your plan(s) ready so that you will know what to do when it comes.

10 Thought Provoking questions Or things that make you go hmmm…

Last week I did something that was out the ordinary for me.  I shared with my sister what I was about  to do and she asked me why and my reply was because my guides asked me to and “Yes” I did what was requested of me.  I am not going to go into a long story here, but yes I have guides that I have had for years. I think of them as my link to God.  When God is to busy to answer directly he instructs my guides to give me answers, provide advice, comfort and sometimes they tell me to do something.  My sister who is just as spiritual as I am was not sure she would do what I was asked to do.  All of this lead me to ask the question, “If God asked you to do something, would you do it?

Yes, the subject of guides will be a Friday post sometime soon.  How to get them? How to know if they are acting in your best interest, etc.


  1. Would you give up a secure, but perhaps unhappy life for the promise of a happier, more full-filling life?
  2. Have you forgiven yourself for making a mistake, recently?
  3. Have you asked for what you really want, recently?
  4. Do you know what you want?
  5. When is the last time you have experienced joy?
  6. Do you love yourself?
  7. When is the last time you spent quiet time with you? No phone, no music, no television, no other people, etc.
  8. When is the last time you complimented a loved one?
  9. If tomorrow is not promised to us, are you living your life to the fullest today, doing what will make you happy today?
  10. When was the last time you were of service to someone?

Hope this makes you think or at least it makes you go hmmm?  Enjoy