Celebration of Self OR Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, in case you did not understand the title on today’s post.  I love celebrating my birthday and actually I celebrate all month long.  If I am an age that ends in a zero then I do something special every month of that year.  It started when I was in my 20’s, if your birthday was in the middle of the week then you could start the weekend before and end the weekend after. At the time this was my opportunity to get free meals and drinks. I can no longer party like. It is not even about gifts, as this year I am asking all of my friends to give me toiletries that I plan to donate to the single moms at our local YWCA.

I remember telling my friends that if presidents can have a special day why can’t I.  I always felt that I was just as special as a president or any one else.  I believe that a celebration of self goes directly to a level of “self confidence”.  Psychology studies have found that there is a tremendous power in self-confidence which doubles your powers and multiplies your abilities.

Let me clarify hear that there is a difference between self confidence and egotism.  Egotism is “Not thy will, but my will be done” and self confidence is a humble faith in your innate god given talents and skills–in your self.

Self Confidence & Success

Have you ever wondered why some people advance to highly paid positions while others, who may be equal or better trained & educated do not.  Close observation would show that those who advance really believe in themselves and their abilities.  No one pays much attention to the person who lacks confidence.  He/she does not attract others or convince them of his or her worth.  Negative forces repel rather than attract.

Ways to Increase Your Self Confidence

The goal here is to do a number of things to up lift your thoughts about your self and create new habits, a new state of mind.

  • Build confidence while you sleep by filling your mind with positive self confident thoughts right before you go to sleep.
  • Use Affirmations in three ways each day, including: speak of your confidence, write affirmations, read affirmative statements. Click here for more affirmation information.
  • Use Visualizations to increase your confidence, such as create a Wheel of Fortune, imagine successful results for the situations you think you will encounter that day. Click here for more information.
  • Associate with self confident people. These associations will inspire you and you will sub-consciously begin to absorb their assurance.
  • Pray

Once you start on this path you will be tested. The key is to stand firm when your confidence is tested. People will try to discourage you, maybe something you have done will get worse before it gets better or maybe you will just be fearful.  It is at this point that you must prove to yourself and others the strength of your convictions.  I find the following words to be a source of comfort when I repeat them over & over at times like these, “I will fear no evil, for thou art with me” or “I shall not want” both are from the 23rd Psalms.


I will be taking a few days off. I will be back Wednesday, February 23.

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