A Little Known Secret OR The Power of Tithing

What I am about to tell you about is probably one of the least mentioned ways to increase prosperity, abundance and even happiness in our lives.  If you truly believe that God is the source of your supply then you must do something definite and consistent to keep that rich source flowing.

We ask to be blessed with housing, clothes, money, jobs, love, health and so on for ourselves and others and we want it all for free. Do you expect your Doctor to work for free? Your mechanic, your Accountant you get the picture.  Here is a secret, tithing affects every aspect of our lives not just our money.  The key is that systematic giving opens the way for systematic receiving.

Consider that tithing is an act of faith that moves the universe. Through your acts of unselfish giving you attune your consciousness to that of universal abundance.

How to Tithe

Many of our ancestors felt that to put God first financially was a first step to prosperity and happiness.  Give the first and best not the last and least or in other words pay God his ten percent first.  Tithing should be paid first before paying bills or any other financial obligations.  Many think that following this process will make the other 90% of your money go even further.

Should we tithe gross or net?  Genesis 14:20 says “a tenth of all”. However this has been and can be debated at-length so I recommend that you do what makes you feel comfortable — by giving a tenth of either gross or net — just tithe.

Where to Tithe

The proper place to give your tithes is at the place where you receive your spiritual assistance and inspiration — whether that be a place of worship or the spiritual leader (minister, priest, etc.).

5 Surprises of Tithing

I had come to a time in my life when I lost just about everything, including my spouse, job, house, furniture, jewelry and then some.  I was at a point in life when I felt that I had nothing else to loose, or maybe because it no longer mattered if I lost anything else that I promised God that from that point on I would give him his 10% first from any money that I obtained.  I have never regretted this decision.  Not to long ago a friend of mine and I were talking about what a quiet secret this is, because the more you tithe the more you have to tithe.  If a week goes by and I do not have any money coming in I remind God that I need to get paid to pay him and I soon have money come to me that often appears to be out of the blue.

  1. You will be surprised at the amount of money you will have to give.
  2. You will be surprised by the fact that you never miss this money.
  3. You will be surprised at the ease with which you can meet your financial obligations
  4. You will be surprised at how easily you can go from giving one tenth to larger giving.
  5. You will be surprised at yourself for not having adopted a tithing plan sooner.


23 thoughts on “A Little Known Secret OR The Power of Tithing”

  1. “You will be surprised at yourself for not having adopted a tithing plan sooner.” – and blessed from the moment of realisation you shall be – trust me, on this I speak from experience, thank you for the opportunity to relive THE turning point in my existence

  2. So help me lord as i tthe to my pastor and church heal me bring happiness to my broken heart restore my finances open the windows as u said it amen lord

  3. If am paying tithe but no increasing from any where, what should i do?
    Is tithe paid only from pock or from gift. Thanks

  4. I have been a Christian for many years right from when I was a teenager. But I came to a point in life when all hope seemed lost to me. I was starving, broke and forgotten. I owed. And because of this debt, I was reprimanded in cell briefly… beaten and stripped naked by prisoners for fun. That Christmas period, was when I reviewed my essence for living and came to the conclusion that something was seriously wrong with my Christianity! I was a dedicated Christian but never knew why I was suffering financially. I then reasoned after studying Malachi on tithing that “that was the only thing in the Bible I was not faithful in doing”.

    On Christmas day, I paid my first resolved tithe intending never to stop or break the flow again. By the early weeks of January God provided miraculously for me and I paid all my debts. So encouraged was I that I began to pay my tithe weekly with what you might call ‘meagre’ money but month-after-month, my tithing amount increased from tens to hundred and now it is thousands.

    What shocked me most is that it seemed as if this tithing-of-a-thing also helped to boost me body, soul and spirit. My mental acumen increased; my understanding broadens; my financial contacts come on regular basis; my spiritual life blossom better. While all these were happening to me, I must confessed that I was really neither was working nor hard a steady job, but just a handwork.

    Recently I decided to fast and pray and cry to God on the issue of getting a nice job to do. I started my fast on a Monday, last year November. I barely had prayed when I slept off that night. In the morning, I received a phone call and I almost did not answer because it was too early. My name sake Dennis pleaded with me to rush down to his office and apply for the post of a computer network engineer. I laughed within me because I had the practical ‘head knowledge’ but no ‘certificates’ to back it up and I thought I might be disqualified because of that…. nevertheless I gave it a try. The man that interviewed me never asked me for certificates but about my working experiences and the answer I gave him seemed to satisfy him… but he warned be that I would still have to be trained by the organization, a construction company, as their own computer engineers have a pre-format on how they do things.

    This is about six months now that I have been working. I just moved in to a big apartment; I didn’t want to leave my siblings, who were setting me aback, but a series of events forced me to quit the family compound and rented my own apartment. In my new home, the room is so big that my properties seemed too scanty. Now I am saddled with a burden to quickly buy more things like fridge, chairs, table, and so on, in order to eliminate these feelings over living in a scanty environment.

    The training is moving steadily and I do not know exactly where I am heading to in terms of prosperity, but my attention have really shifted from material things and my unworthiness to God’s awesomeness and goodness!



  5. Tithing is not another way to prosperity and fulfilment of life;it is the BEST and ONLY way to real prosperity and enjoyment of life

  6. Thanks for this blog;did anybody know that the jews are the richest society in the world today just because of tithing?Let us do a little research;who owns 90% of swiss banks?Who discovered the atomic bomb?The best plane and jet engines are made by General Electric-who are the owners of this company?Rolls Royce cars are also manufactured by this company-recently they also bought the vast mercedes company.who created the famous AK-47 rifle?Who are the largest exporters of chicken in the world-bred from a desert land?All these are the jews-because of their strong belief in the power of the tithe

  7. Sir, I want to know, the loan I already have plan for, in which I need to pay back within few months, please I want to know, should I pay the tithe or not, because of the accurate of the money with my plan.

  8. Love this! And it is a secret, because it kind of seems to go against what we think is logical. Giving and having gratitude in receiving opens up the flood gates for more abundance. Thanks so much for this….just what I needed to start my day with.

  9. If I have it to give I like to donate to the RBC ministries http://rbc.org/
    They’re always giving out Daily Breads (which decorate counters at every church in my city) and other booklets out for free to people :D

  10. Great Post! I do believe in tithing and had similar results to yours. My wife and I completed a Bible study about tithing by, Larry Burkette. When we wrote our budget down on paper, we had more “outgo” than “income”, so tithing didn’t make sense to us. But, we prayed about it and agreed to pay God the first ten percent. As you mentioned, we never missed the money and somehow we had enough to pay the bills each month after tithing. I love the verse, Malachi 3:10, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

  11. I also like the idea of tithing as well as giving in other ways. I live on a very limited income but never lack anything. I always give when i can and this includes my time, vegetables from my garden, my prayers, etc. as well as money. But I have not given a percentage lately and think I will go back to that. Thank you for helping me rethink this. Lovely write. hugs, pat

  12. I agree completely and have a funny story about tithing. I am in charge of my husband’s finances. Ever since BILL-Pay came along, I have taken advantage of it, thus making all of my bill-payments automatic.
    Only once a year or so, my husband will glance at the bills out of sheer curiosity, and inevitably say, “Are you STILL giving MY money every week to the church?” You see, he does not attend, he does not pray, he spitefully criticizes Christians, and holds a grudge against God for his diseased sister. So I respond, “All right then, I will remove it,” and with one click, I do so.
    Only that will not last long, as I will always Unclick, and resume the payments. He hardly ever notices anyway.
    The funny part is, and I did promise a funny part, is that when he gets to Heaven, and has a “life review” set before him, and thinks to himself,” Oh No! I never gave back”….God will say to him, “OH YES! You DID!” He will then state to him the enormous accumulated amount and my husband will probably drop dead all over again. I also give to MANY charities every year, I help the homeless and hungry, and my (HIS!) generosity has no limit. Sometimes I feel like Robin Hood, but I suppose you do what you have to do to obey. Paving the way for my husbands grace has always been a favorite thing of mine to do!

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