Do what brings you joy

The other day I asked a series of questions  and one stuck with me. It was, “If you could do anything, be anyone would you be doing, living like you are living now?”  My answer to that question would be Yes, I know I am blessed and a rare breed because I love what I am doing and  how I am living.  I have always wanted to earn a living being creative and I have wanted to own my own business for a long time.

Yesterday, two events happened that helped me clarify my response.  The first incident occured while I was babysitting my granddaughter in the morning. Babysitting is great in itself, but the icing on the cake was when I let her take pictures with my camera (first two photos below). We had a blast.

Next, I drove to Milton, WI to visit my girlfriend before she goes off to Alaska for the summer.   Wendy has been my role model and one of the reasons I thought I could make a go of it on this path less traveled.  It have been five years since she last worked for someone else.  It was the middle of the afternoon and we were sitting in this quaint restaurant eating lunch, having tea and talking about many things, but what I will remember the most was our conversation on how great it was to follow our dreams for a living and I how we would not want it any other way.

Are there are things I could improve ? Sure such as working smarter instead of working harder and/or adding more balance to my life overall. But I would not change what I do or who I do it for.

I have often heard it said that when you get old that your only regrets are the things you did not do.  I hope my thoughts have encouraged you to think about what you are doing and to do whatever brings you joy.

2 thoughts on “Do what brings you joy”

  1. Donna, You Are My Role Model. I struggle to be as disciplined and get as many things done as you do. I really enjoyed yesterday. I also feel blessed that I am able to do what I want for a living and to have joy in my life everyday. I am honored to have you for a friend.

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