I have been keeping busy

Keep reading to find out what I have been up to for the past couple of weeks:

Last week was the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, where I introduced my new Art of Presentations, (click on “Art of Presentations” link above for more information).  I developed and will follow up on a number of leads from this event. I also, had some of my photography and prints available for sale.

I have sold one of images to be used for a entreprenuer’s small business, including website header, business cards,  greeting cards and for marketing. (Yep my little bird really gets around)

Another small business entrepreneur paid for me to photograph her business products for her mobil beauty spa and head-shots of her and they will be used on her website and for marketing materials.  See below

I took a number of the portrait photographs for the Mt. Zion Baptist church 100 year Gala celebration as a matter of fact I have become one of the church’s photographers. See the room before, below.

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