What is your Holiday Spirit?

Today’s featured writer is again my sister Kelli McCray.  Her first article received such a good response and this article will not disappoint.  I am going to convince her to contribute at least monthly.

Mommy always announced to everyone, “It’s not her fault she was born the week after Christmas”.  “Christmas and her birthday will not be combined into one gift”.  A Christmas celebration and then my birthday, which happens to fall on New Year’s Eve…Oooooo Joy-Joy!!!

Even at a young age, music has always been one of my passions.  At 13, for Christmas I received a really cool, red stereo system with lights that danced to the music!  For my birthday, I received a Stevie Wonder album, an Earth, Wind and Fire album and an Ojay’s album!

You couldn’t tell me NOTHING!

Now that I’m all grown up, or for most days anyway, what I wish to receive is sometimes not as tangible as a cool, red stereo system with dancing lights and the latest albums.

Most everyone now is caught up in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Lights – Camera – Action – GO!

In the busyness of going, are you aware of what you’re doing?  Is the Holiday Spirit with you?  Along with Good Cheer, the Holiday Spirit is Love, Peace, Joy and Giving. These are the seeds.  Sowing these seeds of the Holiday Spirit creates more of these gifts for you to receive.  Awareness is a key to unlock the flow.  The form in which it returns to you is sometimes unknown, but that’s really not important, only that it does.

Never leave home without it – the Holiday Spirit that is.  What you give out comes back, as long as you remain open to receive.  Your cup will run over and you will be as elated as I was when I received my cool, red stereo system with dancing lights and the latest albums.

Peace, Love and Many Unexpected Blessings, Kelli

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