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We have always been beautiful

I ran across this site not to long ago. It is different that what I usually display but I just had to share.   Of Another Fashion is a website that has it focus on alternative archive fashion histories site, for women of color.  As a woman of color myself I found the photos fascinating.  Enjoy

The photo at the top of the page is of a woman from the 1860’s.

Circa 1930’s (below)

Friends in the 40’s

Wedding from the 1950’s.  Look at the glasses

Interesting photo, no year listed.


Hatch Art House Reception for Potter Jenny Blasen OR Where will I be at 5:15

When: Friday, May 6th from 5-9pm.

Where: Hatch Art House of course!

Why: To check out and support over 35 local Wisconsin artists along with May featured artist Jenny Blasen. We’ll be celebrating spring with Sangria! Yum….

Gallery Night is the city wide spring event put on by MMoCA. Hatch is very happy to be a part of this event and we will be celebrating the arrival of spring with homemade Sangria:)
Jenny Blasen, a Madison potter, is the May featured artist. She’s been very busy making new works! She has a focus on functional pottery but also enjoy making ceramic earrings and buttons.


Featured Etsy artist – Robert Cadloff

I recently realized that I very seldom highlight any male artists so this week I am featuring Robert Cadloff one of my favorite Etsy artists. He is a world traveled photographer.  I enjoy his use of colors, the symmetry, subject matter and his sense of whimsy.  His work always makes me happy.  Enjoy

Welcome QiQi Gallery

It is snowing here today and expected to continue through tomorrow, therefore I searched for art that would take my mind off of what is going on outside.  I found QiQi Gallery on Etsy and her artwork reminds me of spring and summer and anything but snow.  QiQi states that she is an abstract artist  and that she loves nature.  I love her design techniques, the birds and especially her use of colors.  Enjoy.

Etsy Artists at Hatch

Today I am featuring two artists I met last Friday at the Hatch Art House Grand Opening.

Maria’s work is shown above. Her Etsy’s shop livelovemaria displays her paperwork to a really cool advantage….. and thank you for taking my photo at the opening.

Above Fen’s work whose Etsy  beadflora shop is divine.  I appreciate the patience she must have to complete her gorgeous beadwork projects. The first and last photos.

Thanks to both. Enjoy