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Artist friends of mine

Weekend Wonderful

I had an action-packed weekend.  Friday evening I attended the Rhumba for Rainbow event.  It was fun to watch local celebrities in a salsa dance-off contest and to watch professional ballroom latin dance.  The silent auction was replete with a varitety of donations, including mine.  I am always proud and humbled by seeing my art on display.  I just wish I had remembered to take photos.    LOL

Saturday, I particpated in the Artful Women of Color event, including an art fair, lunch with the artists, women of color recognition and one scholarship was awarded.   90% of the art works were handmade. I took pleasure in going to each table to see the ware and  speaking with the other women who own businesses similar to mine was enoyable and enlightening.  Today’s photos are from this event.  Enjoy

Aryll Pullum is the owner of Ostra Designs. She provides many services but what I remember most are the sense appealing, delectable cake bites.

Crystal Tourtillott, was the provided us Native American beaded jewelry and a brief history of this art.

 Linda Metoxen. Linda and her three lovely daughters –who are also artists (see their work below).  She forge & shapes silver in jewelry into beautiful jewelry and other goodies. Contact

P. Emraida Kiram, regaled us with the history of her business and timeless, unique Crochet items. For example, see the US flag she crocheted below.

Kathryn Simmons, Kay makes gorgeous quilts that look like art.   Contact

Phyllis Sanders, owner of Phyllis Faces & Ceramics.  Provided us with the most beautiful & unique slumped wine bottles that can be used for so many things & I feel in love with her serving dishes.

Wanda Tapp, Designer of winsome cards, bookmarks & graphic wall hangings.

Janice Sukkert owner of JBS Jewels. Provided us with what she calls “simple, statement pieces” that I just call stunning. Some of the  jewelry handbeaded & some imported from Phillipines.

Maria DeMoya, Quilt Artist.  Her quilts were intricate and stunning. Contact her at

Patricia Castaneda Tucker, Ceramics. The large vase, below, was handmade & the smaller items were done on the wheel. I so admire this craft and her designs

Margie Bruce, Author  of The Heart of Halsey; Potrait of a Young Woman; and A String of Pearls.

The necklace shown that displays an original tree of life design was worn and made by one of the participants who should/will be a vendor next year.  (I am so sorry I could not find your name, but leave me a message & I will update my site)

Antonia Garcia Breitweiser, owner of Garcia & Haus Design.  The Graphic Designer (& Artist) who pulled together the multi-cultural banners for the Hues newspaper.

During part of the day we were serenaded by Harp music.

Finally, here are some of the Doon Art wares that I made available.

Feature Artist: Susan Young

Today it is an honor and a pleasure to share with you the art of Susan Young.  She can be found right here in Madison, she is the mother of  a good friend of mine and I actually own one of her watercolor paintings.

I have selected one photo from each of the genres listed on her website, including: Dogs, Abstract, flowers and figures. I love her unusual choice of colors, how she can make her watercolor paints so vibrant, the interplay of shapes and her composition.  Ok, I pretty much love everything she does. Enjoy

What is your Holiday Spirit?

Today’s featured writer is again my sister Kelli McCray.  Her first article received such a good response and this article will not disappoint.  I am going to convince her to contribute at least monthly.

Mommy always announced to everyone, “It’s not her fault she was born the week after Christmas”.  “Christmas and her birthday will not be combined into one gift”.  A Christmas celebration and then my birthday, which happens to fall on New Year’s Eve…Oooooo Joy-Joy!!!

Even at a young age, music has always been one of my passions.  At 13, for Christmas I received a really cool, red stereo system with lights that danced to the music!  For my birthday, I received a Stevie Wonder album, an Earth, Wind and Fire album and an Ojay’s album!

You couldn’t tell me NOTHING!

Now that I’m all grown up, or for most days anyway, what I wish to receive is sometimes not as tangible as a cool, red stereo system with dancing lights and the latest albums.

Most everyone now is caught up in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Lights – Camera – Action – GO!

In the busyness of going, are you aware of what you’re doing?  Is the Holiday Spirit with you?  Along with Good Cheer, the Holiday Spirit is Love, Peace, Joy and Giving. These are the seeds.  Sowing these seeds of the Holiday Spirit creates more of these gifts for you to receive.  Awareness is a key to unlock the flow.  The form in which it returns to you is sometimes unknown, but that’s really not important, only that it does.

Never leave home without it – the Holiday Spirit that is.  What you give out comes back, as long as you remain open to receive.  Your cup will run over and you will be as elated as I was when I received my cool, red stereo system with dancing lights and the latest albums.

Peace, Love and Many Unexpected Blessings, Kelli

WG Photography


Welcome to the new look for Doon Art. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

WG Photography. Wendy Gibbs has just recently established herself as a “Photographer”, although her art has been in popular demand with us (her friends and family).  Wendy has traveled extensively and see has photographs from around the world.  I hope she will let me feature some of her European photos next time.  Today’s photographs are from Door County, WI.