My day off OR Let me be inspired

I had heard that when you work for yourself that you work harder & longer hours than you ever would on a regular job. I did not really know what that meant until now. I thought that last month being my birthday month that I would work hard & party hard (which does not mean the same thing as it did when I was 20) and I tried to.  Now I am just tired.  I need to find balance in my life (sounds like a Friday article). I have not had one whole day off since ….   well I don’t know remember when.  My sister fears that I am going to burn myself out.

So today I plan to not work, exactly. I plan to only things that I find to be fun.  Here is my plan:

  • Wake up & exercise. Yes, I exercise about 5 times a week for an hour each time and really enjoy it.
  • Go to the movies in the afternoon.  There is something so delicious about doing this when I know most people are at work.
  • Pay it forward.  The Monday “Ready to Be Inspired” post included an idea that has inspired me.  Also, how can I expect to inspire you if  I don’t try an inspiration myself.  So, I have made a few labels, found some ribbon and I plan to purchase $20 worth of gifts (such as coins for the laundry mat, a 2 gallon gasoline card, etc) and leave them in a places where I think people will need them.  I plan to photographs a few of my leavings and I hope that this will inspire you when you see them.

Today’s photos are one of the light houses I visited in Door County. Symbolizing that today I need something or someone to show me the way. …  and today I will Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “My day off OR Let me be inspired”

  1. Enjoy your relaxing day. I also find that Balance is what is needed right now. The pictures remind me of our time in Door County.

    1. Thank you so much. It reminded me of that time too. I think I used them because I really wish you had been here so we could have hung out today. Miss you

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