Happy Birthday card ideas

Thank you all very much for voting for my art work in the” Frito Lay Black History Month Art Contest “.  I don’t think I won but for each vote money went toward scholarships for students attending historically black colleges and I learned a lot.  Again thanks.

I have been considering starting a line of various types of cards so, today I would like to share some of my ideas for future birthday cards.  What do you think? Let me know which one is your  favorite?

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday card ideas”

  1. I especially like the night one…hard for me to tell about the others, they’re fine, but I’m a word person and want to know what they say. The night one is nice because it’s a different twist on a familiar greeting. Nicely done!

    PS I have a ton of cards I’ve designed, usually made them up for family and didn’t get any further with them. Maybe I’ll bring some next time I’m out.

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