Success is imagined first OR Visualize your way to health, wealth & love

We can create whatever we imagine in our minds.  If you are experiencing lack or failure in your life it is because it was first imagined in your mind.  Visualizing what you want can have almost magical powers. French Dr. Emile Coué asserts that when the imagination and will are in conflict, the imagination always wins out.

We are constantly creating our futures through visualization, as the mind thinks in mental images. For example,  if you are thinking about, talking about and imagining financial lack (I.e. I am unlucky, I could never have that and so on), then that is what your mind will produce for you. When a mental picture is repeated the mind has no choice but to accept it as true and bring it into reality.

I can hear many of you saying if it were that easy why have we not heard of this before.  We have it has been proven through hypnosis. For example, under hypnosis a subject puts their hand in a bowl of ice water and receives a burn after being told it is bowling water.

KeyPoints to Visualization

  • Visualize in detail – Include as much detail about what you want as possible.
  • Be persistent
  • Imagine unselfishly – Do not ask for someone else’s blessing.  What belongs to another will not quite fit your needs.
  • Results can be immediate however the longer it takes for your images to produce results the larger the results will be.

Make a Wheel of Fortune

A picture board puts your imagination to work for you.  The board’s images will assist your powers of visualization and make it easier for you to be persistent.

  • On a large sheet of paper or poster board draw a circle that takes up most of the board
  • In the center of the circle add a picture of an religious or spirtual ideal. Such as a cross, picture of a bible,  or whatever has spiritual meaning for you.
  • Under the picture add the following text “Divine inte”nce is in charge of my life, I am now open and receptive to its rich guidance and instruction.
  • Divide your wheel into four parts, by drawing four lines
  • Label the sections: Business, Family Spiritual, Social & Recreation
  • In each of the four sections place pictures of your desired results.
  • Under the pictures right an affirmation, such as if you place a picture of your current home which is for  in your Family section you might write, “Divine intelligence directs the right buyer to this property and all concerned will be blessed by this transaction.”
  • Place in a location where you will see it daily, to keep the images and words uppermost in your mind.

Make a Notebook of Your Desires

An alternative to the picture board is to create a visualization notebook, that you can carry with you. The notebook contains

  • Since the notebook is smaller, use a number of pages per section.  For example you could have 6 pages labeled Business.
  • Include pictures and affirmations for each section in the same way as you would do with the Wheel of Fortune
  • When there is a lull in your day (such as when you are standing in the grocery line) browse your notebook of  desires.
  • No one will be aware of what you are doing.
  • This is a simple way to avoid becoming depressed, discouraged or doubtful.

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