Use Your WORDS

When was the last time you thought about where your life is heading? If you are experiencing success or failure the way you think about your life has a lot to do with your position in life.  Your thoughts and words have formed a thinking pattern that has set the course of your life’s circumstances in a certain direction.  We frequently say, “Use your words.” to my just turned three year old grandson, to be used in stead of crying.  While searching for a title for this column it occurred to me how often we say this and that how to use words should go along with these instructions.

Most of our actions begin with ideas received from our brain. Once you have created a thought, you use words to describe that thought and that gives it energy to create action.  Every single word you have thought or think, speak or have spoken has raw power. Not just the ability to hurt or heal, frighten or express or enlighten, but the power to truly shift your reality?

If you are not satisfied it’s time to become more aware of your thoughts and learning to change your thoughts before turning them into words, can and will change your world!  Imagine changing the course of your life simply by using the right words. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, who ended up safely back in Kansas by saying the magic words, “There’s no place like home,” you are shaping your destiny every single day through the energy of the words you speak. The words you use on a regular basis, whether thought, spoken, or written, are constantly creating your reality.

Recently quantum physics has revealed that at the base of an atom isn’t solid matter but frozen light particles (energy). This brings scientific clout to what the metaphysical community has believed for centuries: The basis of the universe and everything in it is energy. Words are no different, and also have their own energetic signature. The words we think, speak, and write carry an energetic pattern that can interact with our own personal energetic pattern in both positive and negative ways. Thanks to the experimental work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, we can look to water, and its frozen crystals, to confirm the healing power of beautiful music, positive thinking, uplifting speech, and prayer.

Physical benefits include longer life. lower blood pressure and stress-related hormones, and  stronger immune systems. Some doctors believe the use of positive words can reduce the risk of heart failure, stroke and even the common cold.  People who use positive words are not only physically healthier; the psychological benefits include: being more optimistic, more motivated and efficient and are generally happier and more confident. Finally social benefits show that hose that are mindful of how they speak to others and the words they use have better personal and relationships. As you start to use positive words your productivity and your approach to work, people and challenges begin change for the better.

Fifty percent of the words we use are negative, 30% are positive, and 20% are neutral as was learned through the study done in 2005 by Robert Schrauf, titled “Negative Words Dominate Language,” revealed that regardless of age or nationality, each group in the study produced the same results: That’s a staggering statistic—but the good news is that we have the ability to change it. Using words to generate positive thoughts and emotions is something you can begin right now and change your life. It requires no monetary investment, no time, only effort.

Simply by changing your habitual vocabulary—the words you consistently use to describe your life—you can instantly change how you think, feel and how you live. Start changing out your negative words for a positive version by setting a goal of one word per week. Use the new word in sentences (written and spoken) as often as possible, and put it on sticky notes where it’s visible to you throughout the day.  Next, magnify the effect by speaking the word out loud when you are out of earshot. This may feel awkward at first, but you will get used to it. Next, whenever something irritates or depresses you during the day, take a deep breath and silently pump yourself back up with an affirming statement filled with lots of adjectives and adverbs. Try, “I am absolutely, amazingly, vibrantly healthy!” Notice how your energy level changes. It really does work!  Finally, rephrase your issue. If you don’t feel well or you’re tired, never tell anyone that. Instead, say, “I could use more energy” or, “Once I’m fit and healthy, I’ll be fine.” Every time you say something like, “I’m feeling depressed,” you’re simply adding to your burden, albeit unintentionally. The more you repeat your complaints, the worse you’ll feel.

Words are more powerful than most people imagine. Now you can use your words more powerfully and give yourself enormous advantage over others because most people limit their experience by their limited vocabularies.  Understand, it’s not enough to avoid saying anything negative; you must go on the offensive and start making positive declarations over your life.

If you do your part by thinking and speaking with positive words, then God and the Universe will pour out favor in exciting, fresh ways in your life, leading you the more fulfilling life that you want.

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  1. This looks great….love blue & yellow Budda!!!! Very proud of you…am in Chi., till the 30th.,I leave for Tucson May 31st. Will call you soon. Love

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