Behind the scenes at a photo shoot OR It’s not easy being a supermodel

I have recently acquired the most amazing part-time job. I now work with UMOJA magazine and I have the opportunity to do a little bit of everything. UMOJA is Madison’s monthly magazine that provides a”gateway to culture with positive news”. On this past Sunday, after church but before the Superbowl game, it was my honor and pleasure to participate in the most amazing event.  Most of Dane county’s black leaders were gathered for a photo shoot.  I can not spill the beans on what the article will be about, but it will be your loss if you miss the March issue.  No egos were in the way and I saw a lot of sharing of ideas. Just to be there and watch the interactions made me feel as if I were part of a historical moment.

So of course I captured as much as I could on my camera and also took photos behind the scenes for the magazine. I thought it would be cool for everyone to see what it looks like behind the scenes of a photo shoot.  Milele, the Publisher & Editor, had every thing well planned.  I was there as the Coordinator, Krystal of Krystal Images Photography was the photographer, Tammera was the best make-up artist I have ever seen and Jessica conducted interviews when people where not getting make-up done or being photographed.  Enjoy



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