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Can you do any tricks

I think I come across to serious sometimes, so today I am going to lighten things up.

When I was young I was ordinarily outgoing and talked a lot.  Except for when it came to boys I liked , I would become shy and not know what to say.  My girlfriends had no advice for me other than “be yourself”.  I realized I was on my own. I decided to make up my own questions so that I would always be prepared.

I came up with two that I kept over the years

“Can you do any tricks?”

What my friends said was a dumb question at the time has turned out to be a remarkable question in the long run.  I have seen card trick (one guy could stack the deck and deal an ace at anytime), coin tricks, magic tricks,  string tricks, one guy could pull a table cloth off the table and not displace anything, pet tricks and was told tricks that I can not go into here.  I realized two important fact for me. 1. I like to be entertained and 2. You acquired amazing insight and information about men.

Do I have a trick? Of course I couldn’t ask others and not develop something myself. I can pop a cherry (including the stem) in my mouth. Eat the cherry and tie the stem in a knot.

“If you were not good you and you were bad you who would you be? what would you be doing?”

This question was not only a date question it became just a very interesting question. (Ask this at a party sometime).  People have given such interesting responses, including: thief (a top answer), arsonist (my answer),  thug, con artist, hooker.  But what has surpised me the most are the number of “hitman” answers.  You just never know.