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10 Thought Provoking questions Or things that make you go hmmm…

Last week I did something that was out the ordinary for me.  I shared with my sister what I was about  to do and she asked me why and my reply was because my guides asked me to and “Yes” I did what was requested of me.  I am not going to go into a long story here, but yes I have guides that I have had for years. I think of them as my link to God.  When God is to busy to answer directly he instructs my guides to give me answers, provide advice, comfort and sometimes they tell me to do something.  My sister who is just as spiritual as I am was not sure she would do what I was asked to do.  All of this lead me to ask the question, “If God asked you to do something, would you do it?

Yes, the subject of guides will be a Friday post sometime soon.  How to get them? How to know if they are acting in your best interest, etc.


  1. Would you give up a secure, but perhaps unhappy life for the promise of a happier, more full-filling life?
  2. Have you forgiven yourself for making a mistake, recently?
  3. Have you asked for what you really want, recently?
  4. Do you know what you want?
  5. When is the last time you have experienced joy?
  6. Do you love yourself?
  7. When is the last time you spent quiet time with you? No phone, no music, no television, no other people, etc.
  8. When is the last time you complimented a loved one?
  9. If tomorrow is not promised to us, are you living your life to the fullest today, doing what will make you happy today?
  10. When was the last time you were of service to someone?

Hope this makes you think or at least it makes you go hmmm?  Enjoy



Good bye negativity OR How to release almost anything

Are you clinging to the past, such as a troublesome situation?  Or maybe you dwell on what you should have done, could have done?  You know If I had only gone to college, or if my husband had not died or even something from your childhood. Or maybe it is even something as simple as if I not gotten rid of that jacket. If you answer yes to any of these situations (and who doesn’t have one or two) then you need to learn how to RELEASE.

Being able to release people, things, and/or situations can be such a blessing.  Even the bible recommends release (Deuteronomy 15:9), “The seventh year, the year of release is at hand.” This was a time when debts were forgiven.  Instead of making you poor it will actually enrich your life.  Through your act of releasing your attraction of good is greatly increased.

Benefits of Releasing

  1. Get rid of the old to make way for the new and good.  So often we try to force the new into our lives when we have not made room for it by releasing the old.
  2. Considered the first step to financial and business success.
  3. Emotional scars — Gain freedom from unhappiness & limiting experiences of the past.
  4. Relationships — Gain freedom from people who no longer serve your personal  growth.
  5. Healing — Release is the first step to forgiving. Much illness is caused by holding onto negative feelings about people. If you can not forgive (forgiveness means letting go) them, then release them.

What to Release

People, places, things and experiences from the past and in the present.

Basically you can release anything that no longer serves or is hindering you personal growth.  People in personal relationships often grow in different directions or run there course. Perhaps you think you have an impossible problem or you need to clear out resentments to improve your ailing health.  I have even used it to get a new wardrobe when my old clothes became to large after loosing weight.

How to Release

First, you should never be afraid of letting of old habits, things, even people from your life.  Your sub-conscious mind (often called your spirit or your Christ-mind) knows what is most troublesome for you. It knows what to release.

There are a number of ways to release, such as: through spoken word, writing, taking action, meditation and of course prayer.  These techniques can be used alone or in combination. These methods can be used once or twice for a minor release but sometimes with deep emotional problems it may be necessary to speak (or write) the words of release deliberately and often.

Speak words of release when by yourself, by declaring release affirmations to the person, or situation involved.  These words should be spoken freely and without regret.

Write out the things that you want eliminated from your life. You can end each year by writing down the items that you no longer wish to carry with you into a new year. Another method would be to write one item over and over (at least 10 times), for one or a number of days to inform your sub-conscious that this the situation that has to go. I have read about people who set aside a specific amount of time each day to write a “forgiveness list” that includes the names of the people that they fell have mistreated them and that they wish to forgive.

Take action. Make room for the new, by actually getting rid of old items or making space in your life for the new.  For example, when I needed a new wardrobe I actually gave away and donated my old clothes. Within a few days I started receiving new clothes through people giving them to me, finding fantastic deals, incredible coupons, once I even won a gift certificate to a store.  To attract a new man (someone who I had not met at that point) I have cleaned out space in my closet an emptied a drawer in my dresser to “make room” for him in my life (and yes that will be fully explained in another post).

Meditate on release.  During my meditations I have visualized cutting an invisible cord between me and persons that I had negative experiences with.  I have also concentrated on turning difficult situations or lack over to a higher source and repeating that I should “let go & let God handle <whatever it is>”.

Affirmation examples to use or create your own:

“I am now free from all resentment or attachment toward people, places or things of the past or present. I manifest my true place with the true people and my true prosperity now.”

“I am now free from all resentment or attachment toward people, places or things of the past or present. I manifest perfect health now.”

“I am letting go of everything and everybody that is no longer a part of the divine plan of my life.  I now expand quickly into my true life where all conditions are perfect  for me.”


Mimosa bills itself as a metaphysical shop, located in downtown Madison.

I think that definition is just covers the tip of the iceberg.  It is this wonderful place that makes you feel good as soon as you step inside. The atmosphere has something for most of your senses.  Today’s photos are only a few of the wonder- full sights. You will want to touch everything the stones, fabrics, books, etc. … and oh how I wish I could capture for you the soothing sounds and smells that fill the air.


Let’s not spend all of our time in a mall this season. Act global and SHOP LOCAL.