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Follow your bliss

Is your life anything like you imagined it would be when you were in your 20’s?  If I had stuck to that plan I would have recently accepted a the top award in the Psychology field for my grondbreaking treatment methodologies and the last of our four children would have just graduated and left home.  Now would be our time to start traveling.

July will be the one year anniversary for Doon Art and for me trekking on this less traveled road.  I am now at a cross-roads.  In a few days I will be visiting my sisters in Charlotte, NC.  I am keeping all of my options open, including making Charlotte my new home.  I will be taking most of my business and much of my art with me.  I plan to make sales, new contacts, to have ear acupuncture, learn a new healing technique or two, look for neighborhood I would like to live in and I am considering a new tattoo.

The decision making constant through out my life has been to go for the path that I think will make me the happiest? Not the wealthiest, or the most recognized, nor the one with the most comprehensive plan.  Whenever I have a life altering decision to make the bottom line is what can I do to bring the most joy into my life? Now? Will I feel the same in 5 years? and so on.

I will let you know how it is going?

What do you do?  Share your methods with me.

Random Acts of Kindness Summary & What’s next?

Top Lessons Learned From Committing Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Next month, I will commit my acts in the morning as I almost got caught a couple of times and that would have defeated the purpose.  Although  I would love to see the look on a gift receiver’s face the main point is to remain anonymous.
  2. Next month, I will go to a different place each time, as I thought of more new places to commit my acts.
  3. I can not believe how good this makes me feel to do something like this.  If I were in a bad mood this would make it better.  Overall it really makes me feel like I can make a difference (albeit a small one) in someone’s life.
  4. “In difficult times, stories of heroic endeavor always hearten us. But sometimes what motivates us are the everyday acts, things so simple that we can easily contribute. Everyone, after all, has the power to give kindness”.  From the Inspiration Lounge blog.

I hope I have inspired you to commit an act of kindness also.

Photo above is from Friday’s act.



As you may remember, I asked my friends to provide me with toiletries instead of gifts, this year.  I plan to take these products to the single moms at our YWCA.  I extended my requests to friends and one of the organizations that I belong to.  I was overwhelmed by the response of my friends and very happy by the amount of product I received.  Although I will not be giving anonymously I will still enjoy the experience as I will be able to see the looks on the recipients faces.

My friends have supplied me with shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, body wash, soaps, toothbrushes, mouth wash and more as the  following photos show.





Welcome to the new Doon Art

Last year I started down the road less traveled which has been very rewarding even though I have gotten lost a couple of times and of course there are the thorn bushes.  During December I always look back on my past year and decide what  to keep (be it items, people, habits, etc.) and what I should not take into another year.  I have decided for 2011 to be even more of who I really am.  I have a spiritual set of principals and beliefs that I try to live by but have keep hidden from others, for the most part.  Since starting on the less traveled road it does not matter what others think like it use to.

My dilemma has been how to combine my spiritual beliefs with my art & blog.  My answer was to focus on and share what I find to be inspirational. So the new Doon Art will share art works, posts, sites, & other interests that  inspire, motivate & uplift me and hopefully you too.

To start off the new Doon here are a few of my new art works. Enjoy (I had to keep that).

What’s on the road less traveled

We often hear the term “taking the road less traveled”, well WHAT IS ON THIS ROAD?

I feel qualified to give input on this subject as I recently not only took this road, but I ran full speed down this road with joy and abandon.   I have not regreted a moment of my current journey and I can no longer see myself taking a normal, everyday road again. Most of the time this road is filled with the most beautiful & unique sites, sounds and experiences. The journey offers unimaginable joy and many exciting and unexpected opportunities.

I often wonder way more people are not traveling on these roads.  Perhaps it is true, people are afraid of the unknown.  There is no GPS, no maps, no signposts and sometime there is not even a clear path let alone a road.  During these times I rely on my faith and my belief in myself to traverse my way to the next clearing. No, is not always an easy path but it always a rewarding one.


Here is an example of one of the wonders I have found on my path.  I have been asked to contribute artwork to a new gallery–Hatch Art House–opening here in Madison this December.