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New olbrich garden photos

In my effort to add balance to my life — meaning life is not all about work.  Last Thursday found me at one of my favorite Madison locations the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.  I am trying to follow the great artist Monet’s example and take pictures of the same things at different times of the year.  Enjoy


Mother’s Day

Yesterday I had a medical procedure and I slept most of the day. I only woke up long enough to eat, do this post and do something I very seldom do watch television.

My mother has passed on so I feel very blessed to be able to have spent Mother’s day with my daughter and grandchildren. All of us, including my son-in-law and his family all meet at Olbrich Gardens and had a great afternoon together. Today’s photos are from this most memorable day.

Yes I like the Pavilion and like Monet you will continue to see variations of this building (I.e. different times of year, lighting, angles etc.).  Enjoy


I have been and will continue to be incredibly busy through the end of this week.  My schedule should be back to normal next week. I enjoy posting and miss it when I don’t so for the next few days I will have mostly photos of spring that I have been taking.

Today’s photos I took on Mother’s Day at Olbrich Gardens.

What a great time to fall in love. Enjoy

5 Motivational Sayings or My Gifts to You

1.   What other people think about me is none of my business   — Donna Parker

2.   The best way to predict the future is to create it.   — Peter F Drucker

3.   Patience is also a form of action   — Auguste Rodin

4.   Success is getting what you want, & happiness is wanting what you get   — Dave Gardner

5.   All that we are is the result of what we have thought.   — Buddha

Try something different

1st GOOD NEWS: I have found a local printer and will have prints from my posts available in a about a week (meaning in time for the holidays), at my Etsy shop.

Sometimes doing the same thing the same way gets a little, dare I say, boring. Sometimes you have to look at the same old thing in a new and different way.  Sometimes you just have to ….

You can not expect new results when you keep doing the same old behaviors.

Todays photographs are all in Sepia tones.

I forgot to mention that the counting hands in yesterday’s post were curtesy of my top executives (my grandchildren, they are two and four.)