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Please vote for my artwork OR donate to a scholarship fund

I know I was not going to post yesterday or today, but opportunities just keep coming.

One of my art works has been accepted in the Frito Lay Black History Month Art Contest.

Please take a minute to vote for my original picture you see above.  Just click here.  $1.oo goes towards scholarships for students attending Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU).  You can vote everyday until the end of the month.

Oh yeah and I can win a prize.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Be my valentine

I am proud to present three of the Valentine cards I am working on, each says Happy Valentines Day on the inside.  Once they are printed I plan to add a little embellishment to each and they will be ready for sale.

I have a vending opportunity (my first) in about a week from now (yes I know it is almost Valentine’s Day, but this is my first time & I will be more timely next year).


Say what you need to say OR thank you John Mayer

I have a smart phone (sometimes I call it my smart ass phone) that has all of my music on it.  I usually select Shuffle for the variety.  However, it plays what it thinks I need to hear vs. what I want to hear.  Recently, “Say” by John Mayer has become a personal favorite of my phone.  There is a line that says “Say what you need to say” and this line has come to mean many things for me, including today’s lesson.

I am going to share with you one of the easiest, most basic way to bring more positive experiences, love, prosperity, health, etc. into your life and that is to say, by speaking out loud what you want. There are two ways to speak situations and things into your life. Everyday sayings & planned sayings.

First let me clarify something you do not have to believe what you are saying, you just have to say it.  My bachelor’s degree was in Psychology and there are a number of methods for changing unwanted behaviors.  One method entails changing the person’s mind to change their behavior, thereby changing their world. Saying what you want can and will change your behaviors & change your experiences, your world. Why does this work because you are using your gift of oral “prophecy” to create.

Everyday sayings

Your everyday words, utterances are powerful because when you speak you are usually in a relaxed state and there are no mental blocks to their manifesting. Be careful because your casual words can bring about results that you may or may not want.

Consider my personal example. I have been saying for years that I will not look old. I do not mind getting older but I do not want to look older.  Most people think my adult daughter and I are sisters and never accurately guess my age. I have recently lost weight and people say I look even younger. Casual remarks spoken over time will manifest results in due time.

Use your words carefully.  Always say something positive about yourself like, “I am so lucky” versus “I never seem to get a break.”

Words spoken about others can also create conditions.  So use your words to predict good for others. For example you can say, “I predict that you will find the house that you have been looking for.”

Planned Sayings The second way to bring about change is by using planned words, otherwise known as affirmations. There is enormous power in words and one boldly stated affirmation describing the positive experience you want in your life will help you claim it quickly.

Affirmations How To:  Set aside time everyday and say out loud bold words describing the good you want in your life.  Declare your words with confidence & happiness.  Repeat for a number of times, over a period of time. I can not say how many times or for how long, you will know when to stop–also known as releasing.  Once released know that your words are working for you.

I walk for exercise most days and I have two affirmations that I use. I repeat first one a number of times, for a few minutes and then I say the next one a number of times for a few minutes.  First I say, “With every step I take I loose fat, weight and inches”  and next II say a poem I made up. “1×9 and I look & feel fine.” “1×5 great sakes alive” “1×3 woo look at me” “1xx, 1xx, 1xx this is it” I have not changed my diet much and  have lost  fat, weight and inches. ….. and yes I am loosing weight.

Let me know how it’s going for you.

Autumn Blues or Mood Indigo

Today I am in Door County in Wisconsin. (Translation …this will be a short post)  My best friend is moving to Arizona for six months or more and another friend and I are going to eat, drink and pack.  I will miss her therefore I have the blues.  Please enjoy my version of Autumn Blues (or mood indigo) from “The Garden”.


The Garden

Last week I went to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens here in Madison.  Here after referred to as “The Garden”.  I think this one of the highlights of Madison and the cost is just a donation.

I was so excited to be able to go, for a number of reasons.  The trees were almost at peak color, the temperature was in the 70’s which is very warm for Wisconsin in the fall and I had the time, equipment and opportunity to be able to take advantage of such a fine day.  I was so filled with joy that it almost made me a little misty-eyed.