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Madison’s Women’s Expo or treat-or-treat for women

Wow, Thanksgiving is almost here and I have so much to do this week, therefore you (my readers) will have a lot more pictures than text this week.  I have created a really special art piece to be used for Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Today photos are from the Madison’s Women’s Expo.  I love this event you eat, drink, see famous people (Molly Ringwald), local celbrities (the channel 7 weather man, nice guy) and get lots of free goodies.

The first is a picture of the Girl’s Biz both I featured last Friday.  Next is the cardholder I purchased from these young ladies. Boy these girls are sharp.  After that is something you won’t see to often a picture of me, with Dizzy, one of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. He is/was hot.