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Welcome to Bloom Bake Shop

The Bloom Bake Shop of Middleton, WI, is a gorgeously modern/retro inside and out. Peeking inside the windows, from the outside you can see the retro cooking equipment, that they actually use. Once inside your eyes and nose are overwhelmed with goodness.  As you can see from the picture, cupcakes include gluten free and vegan. We had the regular chocolate cupcakes.  Not only did they taste wonderful they came in a box like a gift.

Workday 14 Finale


Today is day 14 of my challenge to create some type of art everyday for 14 days.

I have learned a lot about myself doing art this way.  My sister would says this process has made my art is “more free”.  I did not have time to be as picky and rigid about my art as I ordinarily would be and I am just as happy with the results.

Today, as promised here are three of ten holiday holiday pictures I have created.