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Hatch Art House Reception for Potter Jenny Blasen OR Where will I be at 5:15

When: Friday, May 6th from 5-9pm.

Where: Hatch Art House of course!

Why: To check out and support over 35 local Wisconsin artists along with May featured artist Jenny Blasen. We’ll be celebrating spring with Sangria! Yum….

Gallery Night is the city wide spring event put on by MMoCA. Hatch is very happy to be a part of this event and we will be celebrating the arrival of spring with homemade Sangria:)
Jenny Blasen, a Madison potter, is the May featured artist. She’s been very busy making new works! She has a focus on functional pottery but also enjoy making ceramic earrings and buttons.


I am getting ready for my first vending event

Today I am so excited. I am getting ready for my first vending event.  I am a new member of the African American Black Business Association (AABBA) an organization, a self-help group of Black business owners and entrepreneurs who believe in the value of sharing information and resources.   If you have a business OR are thinking about starting your own business this will be the place to be.  Oh and another key point is it’s FREE.

I will have a couple of original pieces, a few prints, post-cards, Wisdom Answers boxes available and something unique for Valentines day available.  Today’s photos highlight just some of the works I will have on-hand.  Hope to see you there.

Since I will be here on Friday I will be missing another sense stimulating event.  The third artist reception at Hatch Art House. Blown glass art works will be the highlight for February.  NOTE: My collages are still on display here.  There are a new of artists on display through out any given month not just the highlighted artist.

Hatch Art House Does It Again

I am still new at selling my artwork (I have done a lot of art but I use to just give it away.).  So now I think when I sell a piece, there should at the very least be a public announcement. I really think there should be a news break on all channels and a formal announcement should be made, but hey I will take what I can get.  So here goes HATCH ART HOUSE has sold another one of my artworks and for those keeping score that’s 2.

Thank you “Hatch”.

Today I am working on another project, which means I leave you to enjoy some of my newest art works. The first two are Door County photos and the last two are the same photo done two different ways.  What’s your fav.

Etsy Artists at Hatch

Today I am featuring two artists I met last Friday at the Hatch Art House Grand Opening.

Maria’s work is shown above. Her Etsy’s shop livelovemaria displays her paperwork to a really cool advantage….. and thank you for taking my photo at the opening.

Above Fen’s work whose Etsy  beadflora shop is divine.  I appreciate the patience she must have to complete her gorgeous beadwork projects. The first and last photos.

Thanks to both. Enjoy

I sold a picture at the Hatch Grand Opening

The Hatch Grand Opening went very well I would even say it was fantastic.  I think there was a good turn-out and the cash register (a figure of speech) seemed to be constantly ringing, a number of my friends dropped by and of course the highlight of my evening was when one of my pictures was purchased.                                                                                             NOTE: Do not were new boots when you are going to be standing for a few hours.

The first photo is me next to my artwork. (I know. I said that I would rarely post my photo.  Alas…) The next photo is of the gallery owner, Tammy, taking my picture off the wall to sell and  the last are crowd photos.

What a good feeling it is to know that at this moment someone is enjoying my art work. If you enjoy making other people happy (and want to avoid the malls this season) don’t fight the feeling just click on my Etsy link and spread the joy.

Hatch Art House Grand Opening

Hatch Art House’s GRAND OPENING  is this Friday, December 10th.  Come out to celebrate the opening, and meet, mingle & drink wine with the Hatch artists and me.