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the next BIG thing

Doon is proud to show you ASK, the first art work for Art of the Month.


Limited edition, original art works by Doon Art (Donna Parker) designed to be inspirational, thought provoking, with a modern flavor. Art of the Month creates the feeling of receiving a gift every month.  

Once a month for the next 12 months you will receive:

  • 8 prints, 
  • a set of post cards 
  • a set of blank greeting cards 
  • a set of Holiday cards 
  • a calendar for 2013

Art of the Month will NOT be available anywhere else & only a limited number of 500 prints will be produced per item, per month.


Price includes: taxes and shipping & handling

Purchase options: ANNUAL, QUARTERLY & by ITEM

Click to see more photos, information and prices.


Purchase at my Etsy site. Just click here or on my Etsy picture link, on the right.