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They are gorgeous

My grandchildren (and daughter on one photo) are gorgeous. If I do say so myself. First photo is my new grandson.  He is 7 days old here.  Next are the two older grandchildren and finally my daughter and the boys.  Thanks to 3beanphotography for the great photos.

Other good news ….. I have been losing weight and have lost one size.  It feels so good to try on a smaller size and zip it up without sucking anything in. (Ladies I am sure you understand).



It runs in the family

Often the same type of talent(s) seem to run in a family. Which leads again asking the eternal question, Is it nature? or nuture?  I do not have an answer, but I do have art works from my family to share.

Below are works from my grandson (5), daughter and granddaughter (3). My daughter drew her picutre and the initial tree branch on each page and they took it from there.

The following is the original that my “grands” made together from melted crayons.  I took a photo and altered it into a digital print.

The one below was my granddaughter’s and it appealed to my graphic arts sense-abilities.


Oh what a life we lead

Since I have spent so much time getting ready for the Hatch gallery opening I have not spent as much time on my blog resources so today will be an “Anything Goes” day and Thursday I will feature a guest artist.

In our home we all have jobs to do.  Even though Maya is only 2, here she is doing the dishes and washing the windows.

Here is Bobby on the way to his bedroom.

And of course when someone is bad we have a time-out room.

OR  these are photos from our visit to the Madison Children’s Museum.