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Try something different

1st GOOD NEWS: I have found a local printer and will have prints from my posts available in a about a week (meaning in time for the holidays), at my Etsy shop.

Sometimes doing the same thing the same way gets a little, dare I say, boring. Sometimes you have to look at the same old thing in a new and different way.  Sometimes you just have to ….

You can not expect new results when you keep doing the same old behaviors.

Todays photographs are all in Sepia tones.

I forgot to mention that the counting hands in yesterday’s post were curtesy of my top executives (my grandchildren, they are two and four.)

Count your blessings

As I have gotten older it bothers me more and more that we seem to go right from Halloween to Christmas.  What happened celebrating to Thanksgiving.  Giving thanks.  My daughter suggests that the reason Thanksgiving is not celebrated more is because there is nothing to sell.  What has happened to us that we as a people have minimized giving thanks.  So on this “Anything Goes” Thursday I am suggesting that we all take a few minutes and count our blessings.

Do not wait for a crisis to be aware of the blessings in your life.

Sometimes blessings are in disguise

Count your blessings instead of your crosses; count your gains instead of your losses.

I’ve been bitten

I have been bitten by the Halloween decorating bug, thanks to this week’s feature artist pricklygirl from Etsy.

I do not have a party planned for this year (I will be wearing something festive for the neighborhood children when I give out candy.) but if I did I want to use the plates and bowls shown in today’s photographs. I could find so many uses including: candy holder, chip holder, votive candle tray, part of a table centerpiece, spooky cup cake plate, on an easel in the kitchen and so on.

Enjoy Donna

Workday 14 Finale


Today is day 14 of my challenge to create some type of art everyday for 14 days.

I have learned a lot about myself doing art this way.  My sister would says this process has made my art is “more free”.  I did not have time to be as picky and rigid about my art as I ordinarily would be and I am just as happy with the results.

Today, as promised here are three of ten holiday holiday pictures I have created.