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Welcome Marlina Vera

I do not have enough positive adjectives to explain how much I ┬álove Marlina Vera’s work. I found Marlina’s work on Etsy and I feel very honored that she is allowing me to display her works on my humble site.

Marlina’s biography says that she is from a latin american country and I think it shows in her vibrant use of colors. I live in the mid-west and we are expecting snow this weekend but looking at and writing about her art work makes me feel warm and happy.

I also love the variety of the art’s subject matter and I really believe that she has something for any one. I have no doubt that you will enjoy today’s artist.


Try something different

1st GOOD NEWS: I have found a local printer and will have prints from my posts available in a about a week (meaning in time for the holidays), at my Etsy shop.

Sometimes doing the same thing the same way gets a little, dare I say, boring. Sometimes you have to look at the same old thing in a new and different way. ┬áSometimes you just have to ….

You can not expect new results when you keep doing the same old behaviors.

Todays photographs are all in Sepia tones.

I forgot to mention that the counting hands in yesterday’s post were curtesy of my top executives (my grandchildren, they are two and four.)