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Manna’s reigns

My art works at Manna Cafe came down this weekend. It was the end of the month. I  really enjoyed seeing so many of my art pieces in one place at one time.  …. and yes I would do it again.

I am happy to be able to share good news with you.  I sold three framed prints.

You can get the same prints unframed here.  Today’s prints are the one’s that sold at Manna’s.


Print title: You do you

Print title: The Pavillion

Pritn title: Crystals


Crystals & Quartz

I discovered a new technique to add to my original photography and have just gone crazy using the technique. I can not wait to share my works with you, as what will you see today are just converted photos they are not even what I would consider art yet and I love them.      Enjoy