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Kick-off to my birthday month

For those of you who do not know I celebrate my birthday all month and the kick-off was Friday with my girls.

Ok I say my birthday, but actually Friday was Annette’s birthday (pretty lady, front & center) and Keetra’s (pretty lady  in the red) is even before mine. I am next to the good looking & only guy in the photo, Tim.

Will you get a scope here. …. No we do NOT share our age(s).

Happy Birthday Annette & Keetra. Enjoy


Thank you Eddie Butts OR Happy Birthday Annette

I usually start the week off by providing an inspiring message however this weekend was incredibly busy.  Why? Because my birthday is in February. I will tell you more about that later, but the key point is I celebrate all month and this weekend was the kick-off to my birthday month celebration.  I had a great weekend I did something Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Today I will share Saturday night.  A group of people and I went out to a local bar to celebrate Annette’s birthday (It was her actual birthday) and to  see & here Eddie Butt’s.  Eddie is one of Wisconsin’s and the midwest’s greatest entertainers. Click here to check him out.

Today’s photos include first Eddie Butts & I.  The next group shot include’s Annette, she has on the red top, and she does not look as old as she claims to be.  The last photo is of me and the girls.  Let me add I did take more photographs but had a number of issues.  So if you do not see your picture here that is why.  I did learn a few important lessons: 1. you can not expect people who have been drinking to take good pictures, 2. always check your light levels, and 3. I probably should not take photos after I have been drinking either. LOL …………… Enjoy