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Art of Presentation presents

I have been busy, with ART of PRESENTATIONS projects. Today’s post’s include a summary of some of my current works: my  second of a Cricket association newsletter, a flyer for the Madison Tennis Open, Beauty Salon informational flyer, a Run Fitness Walk summary flyer, a half-page magazine graduation ad and a ful-page magazine graduation ad. Whew! Enjoy


Art of Presentations presents

Art of Presentations (my website, presentations and graphic design business) is growing.  Today’s post is a sample of my work from my media kit.

How does your business represent you in your absence?  Do you have a brand? Let Art of Presentations make your business, organiztion or event look good.



Black Business Weekend retreat

I (as owner of Art of Presentations) had the opportunity to coordinate the annual Black Business Retreat for the Madison Black Chamber of Commerce (MBCC).  It was a fantastic event.  Great presenters (for example Spence Tillman a national sportscaster was our keynote speaker), great food (from black caterer’s), networking, and rooms, food and membership were included in the price.

It was a such a joy to see the “look”  including the MBCC logo, I designed in print, on banners, bags and tee-shirts. I learned a lot, developed a number of leads and I am super motivated.  Today I am sharing photos a few photos from the event.



Art of Presentations props

My Art of Presentations work has been keeping me pretty busy.  I appreciate the fact that much of this work allows me to use my creativity.

Today I would like to share with a snipet of the work that I did for the current March issue of UMOJA magazine.  In honor of Women’s History Month the magazine has two feature articles.  I had the honor and pleasure to work on both.

The first presentation is one of the banners used for the Women of Faith feature issue:

Next, is the Headline banner used for the other feature article Women in Science

The last is my ad for AABBA’s Business Weekend Retreat which appears on the back cover.

Thank you


There is no perfect time to start living your dreams

My Art of Presentations (AOP) business is what pays the bills and this month I have had the honor and the pleasure to do an ad for the Mayor and a introduction page for the February issue of UMOJA magazine for  Black History Month.

I really enjoy designing ads (which I do on my MAC laptop & I have no special software) and the incredible thing about this is I am pretty much self-taught.

So for all of you putting off your dreams or future because you think you are not ready or for the “perfect” time, or situation, I say “It is better to try and fail than to never try at all.”    Enjoy


What’s going on with Art of Presentations

Here are the latest projects  I have worked on for my Art of Presentations business.

Brouchure — before & after


I heard the phrase “to get a head you need to work smarter not harder”.  The following is the first project that meets this criteria for me.  The ad that follows, with just a little modification can be used for the ad, flyer & save the date cards ….. FYI I will also be attending the Bootcamp ….

Website (To soon to show)