Workday 7

Today is day seven of my challenge to create some type of art everyday for 14 days.

Today’s pictures are three of the five postcards I created, yesterday. The large picture shows one my pictures I took at Olbrich Gardens, here in Madison.  Of the other two pictures  I am considering the top one. (Let me know what you think, leave me a comment.)

I thought  the Olbrich picture,  and the one with the hand, and another picture not shown here were so delicious that I ordered them last night.

Postcards are a fun, affordable way to own and share art.

All  will be available for sale soon, in my Etsy shop and my dream is to also have some available locally.



Workday 6

Today is day six of my challenge to create some type of art everyday for 14 days.

The car picture is one of two prints, I just created that will be available in my Etsy shop, in a few days. This picture is so Doon Art, it is something old (the care) with a modern flavor.

The other two pictures are my way of allowing people to specialize my art works for use in their homes or business.



Workday 5

Today is day five of my challenge to create some type of art everyday for 14 days.  Here are three of five prints, I just created, I will have available at my Etsy shop.

I will tell my secret here.  I am on a quest for wooden Scrabble pieces (art idea) and I look for them once or twice a week at the resale shops.  So one day I found a box of inter-linking plastic shapes, that go together any number of ways.  I had fun putting shapes together and went crazy taking pictures from a number of angles.  What I have created here is so different for me I am going to call this my “Outside of the box” series.

I have some green and red shapes, this is fueling my creativity for the holidays.

Here is the really cool part the box of shapes only cost $.74.



Workday 4

Let me clarify the “why” for the count above.  I usually do not give myself enough time to be creative.  So I have issued myself a challenge to do at least one art piece per day for 14 days in a row.

What a remarkable idea this has been.  I am so focused on the creative process.  I have even begun to think about Christmas (next week) fa-la-la-la-la-la-la.

I have gone back to the rock idea for today item. I actually took pictures of rocks.  Cut them out and used them in this picture.   No, it is not glued down yet.  I usually live with my collages a couple of days before they are permanent.  But the final result will not be much different.

The blue picture is an idea I am still working on and the last picture is from Door County.



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