The Power of Success & Imagination

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We can create whatever we imagine in our minds.  If you are experiencing lack or failure in your life it is because it was first imagined in your mind.  Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  Imaging or visualizing what you want can have almost magical powers. French Dr. Emile Coué states that when the imagination and will are in conflict, the imagination always wins out.

We are constantly creating our futures through visualization, as the mind thinks in mental images. For example,  if you are thinking about, talking about and imagining financial lack (I.e. I am unlucky, I could never have that, I’m  and so on), then that is what your mind will produce for you. When a mental picture is repeated the mind has no choice but to accept it as true and bring it into reality. Continue reading The Power of Success & Imagination

How Do Monday’s Feel To You?

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It’s often very easy to get caught up in the every day hum-drum or chaos of our daily lives, so much so that we often forget to take the time to relax, to take a few moments to breathe and think about our lives and the impact we’re having on the world.


Power of Celebration

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How happy and excited are you when you celebrate something?  You celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays — all kinds of personal and special occasions. You give a card or gift, call the person, throw a party, go to lunch or dinner and surprise someone with your love. Those emotions, ceremonies, giving and feelings of love are all gratitude.

Any birthday with a “0” in it, is a big event for me.  I ponder my past and formulate my future, as I am turning 60 years old this month. It struck me that I was not really noticing and enjoying my present life, my today.  A friend of mine texted me, “Congratulations on (whatever it was)! What are you doing to celebrate?” That stopped me dead in my tracks. I forgot to celebrate. To me, first and foremost a celebration of myself. It means taking time to recognize and acknowledge what I’ve done.  It is an act of self-love.

I have not always thought this way.  I used to live a world full of achievement without acknowledgement.  I didn’t think taking time to celebrate my accomplishments was necessary.  After all, I knew what I had done.   So I asked myself, If I want the process of creating and making and doing to feel energizing and inspiring — What do I need?  By not celebrating, I realized I was missing out on rewarding myself for my hard work.  Continue reading Power of Celebration

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