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Just be

doon art just be

“Just be” is a photo I took at the Madison Children’s Museum and right now it captures what I’m doing …. just being.

In my absence I have not been idle. The following is a quick summary of my recent past and in the next few days I will share my plans for the future.

Here is my design used for the Urban League’s Homecoming.  The  Homecoming is a annual event similar to an open house, for their Board of Directors and partners.

Invitation v5

I provided the concept (the overall look) for the Madison Urban League’s major annual two-day, fund raising event.  They wanted something urban & elegant…. I  have only being doing graphic design for about 2 1/2 years, so to see my work on magazines, newspaper, signs, banners, programs, a marque and even on television was one of the highlights of my new career.  Below is the ad that was on the back of a m.agazine and in the photo after yes that’s John Legend (I was lucky enough to take his photo.)

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Life continues and I have been blessed

I have been so blessed the past couple of months and October and November look like they will be just as exciting.  Today, I have just a few more experiences to share.


The flyer that inspires lead me to a new client. Sabrina, a new client, was so engaged by my flyer that she hired me to create her logo (Word is Bond at the bottom of the photo, a business identity kit and the flyer you see below.  I loved doing this and look forward to attending this event, as this is a new area for me to experience.


logo for promise zone

Lastly, but perhaps on the most exciting is my chapter in a book.   A friend of mine had written a chapter in for a book last year and after reading my blog articles she asked me if I wanted to write a chapter.  Of course I said yes (always looking for a new experience).  I submitted summaries from three articles (3 I thought I could make into a chapter) and my article on Releasing was accepted.  My chapter is entitled, ”    ”  and yes my friend is in the book too her chapter is ”    ” .    Thanks, Marion

book cover photo



Ahhh life …

Ahhhh life ….

So much has happened since my last post (which is why I have been MIA).

I would say this flyer started it all, but that would not be totally accurate.  This flyer contributed to my job and two paying clients.  A new friend of mine told me she wanted to do an all day event for Black women’s health. I believed in the cause and I believed in her.  (The event was better than we anticipated and that’s another post).  I worked with an amazing group of women who inspired me to create this flyer.

I have a new job. No this does not go against my path less traveled outlook.  I have been highered as a Graphic Designer for the Urban League of Greater Madison.  Graphic Designer is a new path, it’s part-time, pays ok and I love it.  This leaves me with time to still work my own business (which is growing). Oh yeah, the flyer helped (in small part) me get there.

I had the honor of taking wedding photos of a wonderful, full of life & love couple, Tonya Ellis & Harvey Tharpe, this summer.  In September, two of those photos were used in two local magazines, and elements from photos taken are on the UMOJA cover that follows. (Working smarter not harder).  The first photo is from the September 2012 issue of Brava magazine, (I’m on page 78) whose focus is the Madison woman.  The second is from the September 2012 issue of UMOJA magazine who markets to the local African-American community.


WOW another cover for UMOJA magazine.  This time I had the opportunity to design the cover for the topic  — Weddings.  (see below)

I realized I really enjoy working on projects that I too belive in.  This past September I had the pleasure of creating the program cover for Rhumba for Ranibow benefit. It bills itself as the largest Salsa competion in Madison. I have always had a great time and this year was no different (except for the fact that I did the cover & a number of slides).

All proceeds go to The Rainbow Project which seeks to end Domestice Violence and Child Abuse.





I am enjoying my many new opportunities, which I realize are too many for one post. Sooooooo …. I’ll see you tomorrow.