Self Confidence is …

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If prosperity could be described in one term it would be “self-confidence”.  Self-confidence is having the utmost faith in your abilities and talents and the faith that God/the universe will help you enhance or improve them.  People who have a high degree of self-confidence appear to radiate poise, assurance and seem to know they have something within them that is special.  It has been said that it is the person who thinks they can succeed that does. Doing all that you can to emote self-confidence and to have a confident look, the more you give yourself and others the impression of success.

Self-confidence is contagious.  It lures and induces others.  People with low esteem do not attract others because their minds are filled with negative thoughts that actually repel people.

A self-confident person has a high degree of positive self-talk and self belief that works for them by bringing prosperity into their lives comes in abundance.

4 Ways to Increase Self-Confidence

What I have experienced and what I’ve seen with other people is that those who approach life from a spiritual basis tap into a power that allows them to do things they cannot do on their own power.

1.  Thoughts before you sleep
An easy and powerful way to increase your confidence is to  fill your mind with positive self talk before you go to sleep.  If your mind is filled with positive thoughts your sub-conscious will obediently go to work to produce a prosperous  tomorrow for you.  Gain control of each day the night before.  See yourself attaining the desired results for your next day’s upcoming events.

2.  Use affirmations
Affirmations repeated throughout the day or specific affirmations at set times of day will increase your positive self thoughts and thereby increase your confidence.  Write affirmations on cards that you carry with you that can be referred to at times of need.  When you are in the midst of a tough situation is not the time to try and think of something to use.  Also, during quiet moments repeat a few of your favorite affirmations to your self over and over for a number of times.

3.  Associate with self-confident people
Align yourself with positive, self-confident people as another method to increase your confidence.  You will subconsciously absorb their assurance, which will begin to work its magic in you.  Your positive associations will inspire you to higher levels of thought and expectations.

4.  Visualize you increased self-confidence
Another method to increase your confidence is to take a few minutes in the morning as soon as you wake up to visualize positive, desired outcomes for the upcoming events of your day.  Imagine yourself being successful in the situations that you will be experiencing that day.  Add as much detail as you can to these images as you can.  Remember that success is created mentally first and by increasing your number of successes having a positive self attitude will become a habit.

You will be tested

Be prepared to be tested.  Sometimes situations will even temporarily get worse before they get better.  You will have to prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes to handle difficult situations and the ability to follow through.  During such periods rely heavily on your use of positive thoughts, affirmations and prayer. It’s especially important to have this kind of confidence in times like these when there is so much turbulence and individual and collective insecurity about survival. Without this kind of confidence as a constant reference point, we may find ourselves at times without the emotional, psychological, or spiritual resources to fight the good fight.


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