What would you teach?

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At one of our recent meetings I used one of my thought provoking questions as an ice-breaker.  Each person wrote an answer to a question, the questions where collected, shuffled and re-passed out.  The goal was not to end up with your own question and then to reead your answer out loud.

I asked participants one of my thought provoking questions If you could teach one thing, what would it be?” These are the responses that they shared:

  • “Young people about the “real” history of our country. Not the fairytale version we have all been taught.
  • “Treat people with respect and do the right thing. With confidence, you can learn anything, do anything.”
  • “Mindset training/Personal development. Reverse or remove “Stinking thinking!”  Help people to believe that they can achieve!”
  • “To be patient and accepting of the differences of others.”
  • “I would want to teach research methods as it relates to the Social Sciences, like Psychology or Education, because it’s important that people know how to think critically about data.”
  • “The way that money is used!”
  • “Creative writing, to tell your story.”
  • “Empathy, the ability to see things through another person’s eyes.”
  • “Critical thinking to boost people’s confidence so they can shape or change their world.”
  • “How to meditate and other awareness or calming excercises.”
  • “The importance of nature. Have you seen deer in the neighborhood? I have! What have you seen that you think others have not?”
  • “Real world life skills to young adults.”
  • “Whatever you think about most is what you will bring into your life. I would teach how thoughts become things.”
  • “Teach kids anti-racism skills and find out what interests kids with ADD instead of putting them on pills.”
  • “I would teach adults to spend more time with their kids or to be a big brother or sister to someone else’s child. I would teach children to be a kid as long as they can. To not grow up too soon and to not take life too seriously.”
  • “Faith & History; meaning the essence and hidden wonders of the truth.”
  • “Professional Communication & employment preparation. Cultural brokerage, in corporate America.”
  • “Compassion. With compassion much can be accomplished for education, community, employment and healthcare.”
  • “To read! It opens up other worlds!”

People seemed to really get into it.


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