Just be

doon art just be

“Just be” is a photo I took at the Madison Children’s Museum and right now it captures what I’m doing …. just being.

In my absence I have not been idle. The following is a quick summary of my recent past and in the next few days I will share my plans for the future.

Here is my design used for the Urban League’s Homecoming.  The  Homecoming is a annual event similar to an open house, for their Board of Directors and partners.

Invitation v5

I provided the concept (the overall look) for the Madison Urban League’s major annual two-day, fund raising event.  They wanted something urban & elegant…. I  have only being doing graphic design for about 2 1/2 years, so to see my work on magazines, newspaper, signs, banners, programs, a marque and even on television was one of the highlights of my new career.  Below is the ad that was on the back of a m.agazine and in the photo after yes that’s John Legend (I was lucky enough to take his photo.)

ULGM Educ Summit 17


I started the new year with another UMOJA magazine cover. It was an honor and pleasure to be able to do a cover that commemorates the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Every year I have a motto or theme I try to follow, achieve or live  for the year and this year it is …

The best 01



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