Starting Over

doonArt your life is in your hands

Life, life, life.

Life takes a number of twists and turns.  Or should I say sometimes on the road less traveled you can run in to a narrow, spot with thorns and burrs, but if you just keep going ….

In September I had a terrible accident with my computer.  I thought about explaining the whole story but I am going to just jump to the bottom line.

I was working at Starbucks, my customary place to work two to three times a week.  I was just starting my second cup of tea …. I can’t believe I did this but I knocked my tea over.  It went everywhere on my laptop keyboard, holes on the side and so on.  Needless to say, not being in a financial situation to just go out and by another laptop I no longer had or have a computer.

My sudden change in my situation really set me back for awhile, not just professionallly but also emotionally and spirutally. I have lost much of my artwork, photos, music, documents (I.e resume) and so on.

What did I learn from this:

  1. Nothing seems to keep me down forever (thank God)
  2. There is always a Plan B (I am borrowing a computer and I have recovered some art and photos from my blog).
  3. How can I blog about being positive to you and not be able to be positive for myself.
  4. There are going to be set-backs and that is ok. It’s really about the journey not just the destination.

doon art count blessings  I am going to count my blessings and I will see you soon.







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