Life continues and I have been blessed

I have been so blessed the past couple of months and October and November look like they will be just as exciting.  Today, I have just a few more experiences to share.


The flyer that inspires lead me to a new client. Sabrina, a new client, was so engaged by my flyer that she hired me to create her logo (Word is Bond at the bottom of the photo, a business identity kit and the flyer you see below.  I loved doing this and look forward to attending this event, as this is a new area for me to experience.


logo for promise zone

Lastly, but perhaps on the most exciting is my chapter in a book.   A friend of mine had written a chapter in for a book last year and after reading my blog articles she asked me if I wanted to write a chapter.  Of course I said yes (always looking for a new experience).  I submitted summaries from three articles (3 I thought I could make into a chapter) and my article on Releasing was accepted.  My chapter is entitled, ”    ”  and yes my friend is in the book too her chapter is ”    ” .    Thanks, Marion

book cover photo



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