Thought provoking questions

There are no right answers to the following questions, because sometimes just asking the question is the right answer.  Personally, I feel that these questions should invoke memories, trigger thoughts and positive actions.

If you were going to die at midnight, what would you be doing at 11:45pm?

What would you change if you knew you were never going to die?

What do you believe  stands between you and complete happiness?

If you could make a 30 second speech to the entire world, what would you say?

If you were given 5 million dollars but still had to work, what would you choose to do?


8 thoughts on “Thought provoking questions”

  1. Thanks for the brain stimulation! I surprised myself with my own answers.
    1. Praying!
    2. I stand between it; my own faulty attitudes.
    3. Grow up! Start thinking about the welfare of other living beings, not the money your’e putting in your pocket!
    4. Continue to do artwork and write, as well as operate a refuge for big cats or other animals.

  2. I would want my husband and kids by my side. I’d let them know that they were my happiness and that I hope they will follow their hearts and be happy.

    If I was never going to die, I’d be lazy and take my time with everything.

    I am completely happy in my life right now. I came from a poor family wanting things I couldn’t have (such as living in a safe and good neighborhood with good schools and being able to travel, go places, etc.) so having a that dream and being able to stay home with my kids and work on my hobbies is more than I could ask for.

    If I had 30 seconds, I’d say, “Love your friends, family, and neighbors. Live in peace. Forgive. Life is short. Find your happiness.”

    I would still do what I’m doing now, minus the debts. Five million won’t change the fact that I still need to get the kids ready for school, drop them off at school/pick them up, take them to their after school activities, feed them, spend time with them, etc. I enjoy doing that and can’t see handing them over to a nanny or daycare.

  3. At 11:45 I would be sitting with my wife and kids eating a banana split. Go out enjoy my time with them and have something good to out with.

    If I knew I were never going to die, I would create something to catalog every day.

    The only thing standing between happiness and myself is time. I wish I had more time to do the things I want to do.

    Have to agree with Mondrak on this one. Stop the fighting. There’s no reason to fight over something we no one can absolutely prove exists.

    I would write. Without having to worry as much about finances I would wake up and write every day.

  4. If I knew I was 15 mins from death- I would enter into meditation/prayer being grateful for the life I have had and sending love to the people dear to me. When I found out I was never going to die, I would laugh and say change always happens. The only thing that ever stands between me and total happiness is myself struggling with what is. The 30 second speech- Love one another. If all you feel is hate, look at it from another angle. We are all from one source. Celebrate each moment just because it will make you happy. If I had money I would set up a community building where we could take care of each other as we age. This was fun- thank you.

  5. 1. I would be standing by the Caribbean Sea with my family and friends. I’d recite one of my stories and then die.
    2. My attitude.
    3. My ability to love completely.
    4. Lighten the fuck up. Live and let live. Be happy. Smile. Kiss a lot. Stand in the rain. Love your children like no other. Find a partner that you want to be with forever.
    5. I would be a dog groomer. It’s my second job. I love it. I hate sitting at a desk all day.

  6. At 11:45 I would be hugging my kids. Telling them that no matter what, I will always love them

    If I knew I was never going to die, I would cancel my life insurance lol

    I stand between myself and complete happiness. I have had it before, I doubt I will ever see it again. Saying that, my kids make me happy

    “Stop your bloody fighting! All you are doing is killing each other, and why? Just so you can say that your god is better than his or hers? What’s to say that all gods aren’t the same person? Oh, and stop spending money on silly thing, sort out the health service”

    If I still had to work, I think I would be a games tester ;-)

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