Old school messaging

Today I am sharing the “old school” method for creating messages, class papers, articles, etc.  Typewriters (especially a portable one like this) were very popular not that long ago.  Amazingly we do still you the same keyboard layout.  However, compared to what we use now for old and new types of communication typewriters seem like something from the “dark ages”.



10 thoughts on “Old school messaging”

  1. As fate would have it, I lived within those “dark ages” you mention here…I’m 58. The old school looked quite new in those days…albeit in need of a new roof; we just didn’t know what kind of new roof. (I was too busy typing my college papers!) The same will be said about today in 50 years or so.

  2. I learnt to type on a manal typewriter and the first time I used, what they called an electronic typewriter, each word came out like this TTThhheee mmmaaannn wweeennttt hhoooommmeee. The keyboard was flat and extremely sensitive. Thank you for bringing back those memories. Great photos.

  3. Oh I remember those….. at the beginning of my translation works … endless typing, making noise and doing it all over again :D Thanks for reminding me how much fun I actually have with my laptop :)

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