Mission motorcycle

Today’s post is all about motorcycles.  I was lucky enough to photograph a number of the motorcycles of Madison’s black motorcycle club at last weekend’s Juneteenth.  I love the look of them and can only imagine the power, speed and  the feeling of riding one.  After seeing a couple of women handle them I am now considering adding learning how to ride to my bucket list.



8 thoughts on “Mission motorcycle”

  1. With my newly minted endorsement, all that I was lacking was a motorcycle. Tiny detail, right? Actually, I’d been shopping for months, looking for the right beginner’s bike at a good price. At first, my heart was set on a Harley-Davidson Sportster. Many women find the Sportster to be a very good beginning bike.

  2. I got a motorcycle license after taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. I believe that course is offered all over the country. It’s a very safe and supportive way to learn to ride. I had my own bikes and lived my dream of riding my own bike.
    Aside from the course, I’d say NOT to get a bike bigger than you can handle to begin with. Get some experience. And be sure to have all the proper gear on, even for a short 3 mile ride.
    My first bike was a Kawasaki EN 500, aka baby Vulcan in red. It was kind of chopped in the front and this made it difficult to corner. My next bike was a Honda PC 800, and that’s as big as I wanted to go, in black and silver. It rode and handled like a dream.
    Where I lived at the time was overcrowded, had an abundance of undocumented and unlicensed and uninsured drivers, along with badly maintained roads, so I gave it up. I decided I wanted to stay alive.
    I hope this helps.

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