What an experience

Yesterday was my fourth day being with my brother, in the hospitalICU. In an effort to take a mental break from our situation my mind off of our situation I decided to read and mostly reply to my blog comments. I was moved by the types, range and the  deepth of the responses.

I received many positive comments on the quality of my art works (which is for the most part what I expected). I was also asked for professional advise (this honored & humbled me) and for the part of the answer I did not now I refereed her to other wordpress bloggers that I follow (I was happy with the connections I am making). People answered my questions or told me how the questions made them think about what was being asked (this almost made me cry as I realized that in some small way I had touched a few lives).  Finally, I had a couple of respones where people told me that a few of my articles had changed their lives (okay, this made me cry). I gave praise for the opportunity.

Reading and responding brought me so much joy at a time when I really needed it. I feel a new level of  self-confindence, inspiration and motivation.

 I am offering my heartfelt THANK YOU to all my readers and followers.

PS. To answer one of my questions. Yes I can draw and paint. (Top photo is of one of my paper cut art works and the bottom is one my abstract paintings). But with limited time, photography  allows me to create, enjoy, share and sell quicker.


6 thoughts on “What an experience”

  1. Life can throw us very difficult experiences, full of pain. I am sorry for your sorrow for your brother – but can see that it is giving you a chance to stop and ponder deeply his place in your life, and this is a good thing. Learn always, even the difficult lessons!

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