May’s challenge for growth

I’ll  be the first to admit I have a couple of things about me that need improvement.  I decided to share the process and the progress with my readers …. and give you the chance to join me.  Each month or every 30 days there will be a new challenge.  Please join me.

Scientists have suggested that, with a little willpower, it takes roughly 30 days for a person to form a new habit.  As with mastering anything new, the act of starting and getting beyond the preliminary stage where everything feels awkward is 80% of the battle.  This is precisely why it’s important to make small, positive changes every day over the course of at least a 30 day period.

If carried out diligently each of them has the potential to create a new positive habit in your life.   Commit the next 30 days, wholeheartedly, to successfully completing the challenge.

Use words that encourage happiness. 

Typically, when I ask someone “How are you?” they reply, “I’m fine” or “I’m okay.”  But one lazy Monday afternoon last month a new colleague of mine replied, “Oh, I am fabulous!”  It made me smile, so I asked him what was making him feel so fabulous and he said, “I’m healthy, my family is healthy, and we live in a free country.  So I don’t have any reason not to be happy.”  The difference was simply his attitude and his choice of words.  He wasn’t necessarily any better off than anyone else, but he seemed twenty times happier.  Spend the next 30 days using words that encourage a smile.


3 thoughts on “May’s challenge for growth”

    1. Thank you for your comments. I have become a follower, as it something about your life on the farm that brings me serenity, which is funny because I am a city girl.

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