Doon’s Manna

My artwork are hung and I am very, very happy.

I am bleassed to do a lot of things but I do not know how to take photos in all situations. Especially need to learn how to avoid the flash on the glass.  But I was so excited to share my experience that I am not worry about having better photos.

I have more BIG news to share on Monday.


PS if you go to my Etsy site and type in “Manna Cafe” in the search box for my shop, all of the Manna Cafe works will display.


6 thoughts on “Doon’s Manna”

  1. Beautiful and most impressive. You can try using a tripod and no flash. Adjust for longer shutter speed. The photos may not be true color as they often will take on a yellow tone, but you can process that out.

  2. Love the drawing of the elephant, one of my favorite animals. This is my first visit to your blog and am looking forward to exploring it. Thanks for visiting Source of Inspiration. Hugs, pat

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