Manna Cafe’s March feature artist is

Manna Cafe has great food, a very comfortable & charming atmosphere and different artwork every month and the March feature artist is me.  Today, I will be hanging a number of my artworks at Manna’s.  I am excited about the opportunity to have so many of my pieces (20) all in one place, at one time.

My friend Wendy always asks me to share how these opportunities come about.  Manna’s is one of the first places I dropped off a Doon Art media kit. I dropped off the kit and asked to see the owner who was not there, but she called a few days later expressing interest.  So you never know until you try……… and yes my works here are for sale.


I will not try to post all 20 photos at one time, but I will share a number of photos each week through out March.  Today’s photos show my photos all framed ready to be packed.

If you see anything you like & can not make it to Manna’s, just check out my Etsy site .


3 thoughts on “Manna Cafe’s March feature artist is”

  1. Congratulations, Donna. Looks like it will be a great show. You might be busy running back and forth to hang replacements as they are snapped off the wall. :D

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