Doon Art is proud to present the COTTON series

It is a nod to my family’s heritage and a reminder for all of us to remember our African American history.

Each of the four designs is a limited edition.  Only 100 copies of each design will be printed.  8″ x 10″, hand-signed and numberd. Size: 8″ x 10″ .  To purchase or for more information check out my Etsy site.  



2 thoughts on “Cotton”

  1. Your photos are wonderful. It brought back memories of stories I heard from my widowed grandmother with six children aged 2 to 12, during the depression picked cotton in Alabama during the depression. She was classified as “white” but developed a friendship with a “black” lady and they went on to do laundry and ironing, heating the iron on a wood stove even in the summer and watching all of their children together. They had to pretend they weren’t friends, this was in the 1930’s.

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