There is no perfect time to start living your dreams

My Art of Presentations (AOP) business is what pays the bills and this month I have had the honor and the pleasure to do an ad for the Mayor and a introduction page for the February issue of UMOJA magazine for  Black History Month.

I really enjoy designing ads (which I do on my MAC laptop & I have no special software) and the incredible thing about this is I am pretty much self-taught.

So for all of you putting off your dreams or future because you think you are not ready or for the “perfect” time, or situation, I say “It is better to try and fail than to never try at all.”    Enjoy


3 thoughts on “There is no perfect time to start living your dreams”

  1. Yes, go for it! We are only here once and if we ignore all our loved ones who know we won’t succeed, we will succeed. Success can be as simple as loving what you do. ;)

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