Why do we accept situations that do not bring  us positive results?

Why do we settle when we want & deserve so much more for ourselves?

Why do we tolerate people that do not bring positive experiences or joy to our lives?

Perhaps it all comes down to choices.  I believe that we can uplift our selves and our lives, or at the very least we can be happier and more peaceful with positive, constructive choices.  HOW do we reclaim our lives?

Stop tolerating  ………

1. People who talk about you.  My motto is “what other people say about me is none of my business.”

2. Your own negative self-talk. Be aware of your mental self-talk.  We all talk silently to ourselves in our heads, but we aren’t always conscious of what we’re saying or how it’s affecting us.  Start listening to your thoughts.  If you become aware that you are saying negative statements, stop and replace them with positive thoughts.

3. Fear of change. ife is change.  Every day is different.  Every day is a new beginning and a new ending.  Embrace it and make the best of it.  (I am still working daily on this one)

4. Doing the same things over & over & over again.  I think the saying goes ” how can you expect different results when you keep doing the same thing.”

5. All work and no play. Balancing your activities is key.

6.  A unhealthy bodly. Your health is your life.  Don’t let it go.  Eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, mediatate, get enough sleep and get an annual physical check-up. (Did I mention exercise)

7. Unnecessary miscommunication. Say what you mean.  Mean what you say.  Speak clearly.  Ask questions.  Clarify things until you understand them.


14 thoughts on “WHY”

  1. Thank you for stopping by my humble little blog! Your art work is beautiful, and the wisdom and soul behind it is just wonderful! I love this post in particular, about not tolerating negativity and making a conscious effort to foster a positive energy. Sage, and quite lovely! Keep it up!


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