Behind the scenes: The start of a brand

The importance of creating a brand for your business–meaning a uniform look that is found on everything you can put it on, including: all of your print materials, website and presentations is paramount.  Let me give you an example, if I just say “golden arches” you automatically think of McDonald’s.  Those golden arches translate into a look, a brand.

Today we will talk about beginning a  brand for your business or organization on a shoe string.  I make my own labels that are then used for a number of purposes.

1. The design image on my labels –a hand from own of my original art works– is also on my website header, all of my print documents (I.e  letterhead, business cards, thank you’s, invoices, etc.).

2. I start with a sheet of sticker paper (found in the office paper area of a store).

3. Next, I print my determined design. Notice I can get 16 labels on one sheet.

4. You can cut your labels apart, as shown.  But usually I go to an Office Depot or FedEx type of place (which I call my work office) and use their large paper cutter and other supplies for FREE.

5. My labels  are used for a number of purposes, for example: on the back of my packaged artwork, on the bag a customer receives when he or she buys one of my art works and it is on my media folders.


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