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A good friend of mine (Wendy), who was my muse for starting on this path, enjoys my site but wishes I would give more information on how I do what I do.  Especially since Doon is only 1 Year+.  I thought this over and came to the conclusion that perhaps I could help others get started, not re-invent the well or to save money.  So here is the first of a new “Behind the Scenes” feature.  Set to appear twice a month.  Enjoy

Best advice received when I was just starting.

“Find a local printer.”  I have found a few, each is great for different types of print jobs. I.e. printing photographs, digital art, color documents vs black & white documents.  What a “god send”. They are usually cheaper, faster and you can proof work quicker.  How did I find them? Just by setting up time to research printers. Start on line for a run-down of their services, price, etc. and then I went to the top 5 or so on my list.

What am I working on?

I have a new camera that I am enjoying & getting used to.  Yesterday, was all about locations. Since Doon Art will highlight approximately 18 locations a year and I try to get as much of that done on just a few days a year. I have a new camera that I am enjoying & getting used to, so yesterday was all about locations.  I took photographs of a couple of new locations (I love this part of my work). I left Doon Art location media kit requests at a few other locations and in a day or so I will follow up with a phone call or email to set an appointment.

Someone asked me, “What do you do?” and I was stumped.

Of course, I know what I do, but I wanted a snappy, witty, sparkling, memorable response and I didn’t have one. My plan is to really push my Art of Presentation businesses for the next couple of weeks.  I finally have my website & print materials in order, but not the response I wanted.  I spent the whole weekend coming up with my “elevator speech” (you know you meet someone on an elevator and only have a few seconds to describe & intrigue them with your words about your business).  … and yes I finally came up with something I love & feel comfortable saying.  So if you see me ask me “What do you do?” and I will say “I create compelling images for ….”  Oh no. Not that easy, you will have to ask me.

What type of image do my PRINT  materials portray about my business?

I think my print materials show my business in a modern and professional way, with a twist.  Below are the documents designed for Doon Art & Art of Presentations.  I like how they have the same look and feel but they are different.  I used a template that came with my laptop to create these.

Click images for larger view


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